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A selection of my most popular books is shown below. You may also Order by Phone (recommended for custom orders, special discounts, or purchases of multiple products).

Birding for Everyone


Bird watching is the favorite hobby of millions, and a perfect activity for families, so why don’t more people of color go birding? Birding for Everyone explores the reasons & offers effective solutions. This book pinpoints outreach programs that invite more people of diverse cultures to enjoy nature through birds. Foreword by Kenn Kaufman

"Bird watching ... is an exciting and wonderful way to introduce everyone to an appreciation of the beauty and balance of the natural world. Birding for Everyone is an extremely important and timely book." --Afeni Shakur, Mother of Tupac Shakur and President of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation

TFS Paperback Cover.jpg
Tweet, Flutter, and Squawk!


Birding is fun! Plain and simple. To appreciate, understand, and enjoy the bird life around them, birders must rely on their ability to instantly recognize their fine feathered friends.


Identifying birds quickly and easily is not only one of the biggest frustrations birders experience; it is also the singular focus of this book. Best-selling author John C. Robinson provides his 10 Principles to Bird Identification, which includes his "Bicycle Wheel Method" for learning bird songs.

North American Bird Reference Book


Learning how to identify birds by sight or sound has never been easier! Developed by John C. Robinson for both the novice bird-watcher as well as the seasoned ornithologist, this instructional multimedia CD-ROM software has detailed species accounts, songs, photos, and/or range maps for over 900 North American birds. Great for teachers! Over 108,000 copies sold.

"Once again Mr. Robinson has done an extraordinary job of sharing his many years of ornithological field and lab research by creating a detailed and extensive resource for birders interested in taking their passion to the next level." -- Larry Arbanas-Earthwhile Nature Productions

Snow Leopard Book Cover.jpg
Secret of the Snow Leopard


John C. Robinson's science-fiction classic! In the 22nd Century, Earth has been ravaged by environmental disaster. Pollution & the depletion of precious resources cause mass rioting. Anarchy threatens as a corrupt world government hovers on the brink of dissolution.


In a timely work of science-fiction, Robinson explores the limits of our imagination and our knowledge of the universe. Get Secret of the Snow Leopard today!

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